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Sometimes, a book is all you need to set you on the right direction.

Sometimes, though you need to talk it through and get an outside perspective.  I’ll put my hand up and say I’m in this camp. As much as I love reading books to get ideas, when it comes to the major life decisions, I need a sounding board.

That’s why I decided to team up with some colleagues I’ve known for years to offer coaching and workshops through LWL.

Every one of these coaches and presenters has worked in the public service, or with ex-public servants. They know the challenges, and have their own stories of how they made the shift from public servant to entrepreneur.

We’ll cover three areas.


Your skills and strengths

A sounding board for the decisions you’re facing.


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Building a brand

Stand out from the crowd.


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Business systems and strategy

Set your business up for success.


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1. Getting you ready

Have you been drifting through your career, unclear on what you want from your work? Or are you thinking very seriously about launching a business, but fears and anxieties hold you back?

Anxiety is normal.  I’d be worried if you weren’t feeling at least a bit stretched. What’s important is making a decision with confidence. Do you stay, or do you go?

Be business-ready: discover the skills you need to succeed in business, uncover your strengths, and plan for how to fill the gaps.

Stay motivated:  find out what drives you.  What’s going to keep you going, through the ups and downs, so you’re still going strong five years from now?

Your coach: Scott Monson

Scott Monson is the person to talk to for career guidance,  personal development and performance coaching.  Scott’s also featured in my book, as a former public servant himself (you can read his story on this site). I went to Scott as my coaching collaborator because he’s a got integrity, is damn smart, and takes coaching seriously.  He’s also into football, if you’re into football.

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2. Starting with a strong brand

Stand out from the crowd Imagine you’re standing in the middle of Times Square in New York.  There are thousands of billboards flashing their message at you.  So much static, it all blurs into nothing.

Then one message catches your eye.  It speaks directly to you, and it’s not even big and flashy like the others.  It just cuts through.

That’s what a brand does for your business.  A powerful brand stands out and draws attention from the people you want to connect with. Your logo, your marketing, even your business name. These things are not your brand.  They’re the expression of that idea.

So what message do you want to put up in lights?

Workshop topics

Stand out from the crowd (Brand essentials): Uncover the difference your business will make, and learn how to tell that to others so they sit up and listen.

Write your own marketing:  Unlearn the habits you picked up as public servants, to write clear and compelling words for your website, blog and brochures.

Your coach: Matt Fenwick/Me

I’ve spent years getting to know businesses and uncovering their value.  So often, business owners will have all the information at their finger-tips; they’ll know what gap they fill, and how they’re different.  They’ve just never pulled it all together into a coherent story.

That’s where I come in.  I listen, I absorb, and distill. Then I come back to you and share that one thing that makes your business unique.  It’s the answer to the question that every business owners dread:  ‘what do you do?’

I want to help you answer that question with such confidence that when your clients hear it, they sit up, take notice, and sign on.

That’s step 1.  Step 2 is the execution. Logos, websites and marketing material.   I’ll put you in touch with people I trust.  If you want help with your marketing content, I can help you with that as well.

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3. Running a successful business

I’ll let you in on a secret.

There are no secrets to small business success.

When you read that sentence, it probably didn’t sit right with you.  You’ll remember all those books called ’10 secrets to business success’. You wonder, ‘Surely there’s some hidden information that they know and I don’t.’

I’ll let you in on their secret.  This is nothing but canny marketing.  We’re wired to like getting access to privileged information, or a shortcut to success. In other words, people who write those books are trying to hook you.

Now here’s the truth.  The reasons most small businesses fail and others succeed are often very very simple. Failure often stems from not having systems in place to track leads.  Getting ripped off by suppliers.  Success comes from doing the simple things well, like getting good people on board, and looking after them.

Of course, doing all this won’t always be so straightforward. Often, it’ll be  far outside your experience as a public servant.  That’s where a business coach can help.

Workshop topics

Small business MBA (Making Business Awesome): A nuts and bolts intro to the basics, from systems to sales and marketing.  The things that many business owners overlook. This course is presented online, with live interaction from your presenter.

Your coach: Tony Ozanne

Tony’s run operations for a multi-national company, and he’s coached one-person start-ups. That breadth of experience is why I chose Tony for the business coaching end of Life Without Lanyards.  Whatever situation your business faces – and whatever sector you’re in – he’ll have experience he can bring to bear and suggestions on where to go next.  He’s straight up, unpretentious, and knows his stuff.  Tony’s also coached me as I’ve grown True North Writing – my other business – these past few years. Talk to Tony with any questions about the mechanics of starting and running a business, or to set the big picture strategy for turning your idea into a fully-fledged business.

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